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Nyinchung Monastery was established by the first great Yogin Ogyen Chhozang Rinpoche around 180 years ago. The second great Yogin was famous in Dolpa, Mustang, Zumla, Teserong and known by many nomads living in the Mt.Kailash region as well. Many faithful people come to the Nyinchung Monastery seeking blessing from the second great Yogin. At that time, the monastery was prosperous and was in its peak of fame.


However, after the passing away of the second great Yogin the monastery eventually become dilapidated from various causes and condition. It has been about 40 years since the second great Yogin passed away. In order to move forward with the project as planned, we need to build our financial resources. Hence we are humbly seeking financial support and help throughout the project.

We started the project in 2014. Since this time we have accomplished many things. We have cleared up remnants of the monastery, and renovated the chambers of the former Yogin Urgyen Tenzin Rinpoche with the help of the people of Dolpo, Mukum and Dharma friends. We still have further renovation projects to complete to bring this monastery back to its former splendid conditions. Below we have listed our future objectives. 


       Now we, the restoration committee planned a project to rebuild the Nyinchung Monastery. The objectives of this project is to continue the Yogin`s great deeds which prevailed many people around Dolpo and others as well.


The purpose of renovation of Nyinchung Monastery.

Nyinchung Monastery was famous all over Dolpo region. Later it was damaged by many reasons. The present condition of the monastery is so shabby that we witnessed the local devotees and the disciples shedding tears with disappointment.  The disciples of the second Nyinchung Drubthob Ogyen Tenzin Rinpoche expect the restoration and reconstruction of the Monastery. Generally, the renovation of Nyinchung Gonpa will benefit all beings but especially people of Dolpo and Mukum. The monastery will be a center for practice Buddhism in Mukum and Dolpo and the surrounding regions.



About Dolpo 

Dolpo, situated at the very remote northwest region of Nepal at the elevation of about 4500m. Dolpo, culturally Tibetan, lacks in modern technology and other required machineries due to its extremely rugged and difficult topography. Therefore the renovation work is totally dependent on man power and animals, which are not only time consuming but also very expensive. Furthermore as there are no local roads in the area, the necessary materials have to be transported from lower Dolpo to the monastery by Yaks. So the success of the project is not possible without the good will of the donors. With lots of anticipation, we humbly request your of this worthwhile the project. Shantideva said “A drop of water in the ocean will remain as long as the Ocean remains.” So your spirit and donation will also remain until the end of Samsara. The successes of these spiritual and cultural projects depend on your contributions. Please consider supporting our activities for the sake of Dharma and all sentient beings.


If you would like to make a donation to us with check or cash please contact us via following address;

Email; donate@dolpofoundation.org


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